Jalmer Johnson Consulting, LLC

  • Development of union priorities and strategies for contract negotiations.
  • ​Union communications strategies in preparation for and during negotiations, as well as through contract ratification process.
  • Surveys to identify member awareness, interests and priorities.
  • Bargaining strategies, proposal development and professional negotiations services on economic and financial issues during collective bargaining.
  • ​Comprehensive valuation of union and company proposals.
  • Evaluation of a company's financial ability versus its willingness to pay.
  • Contract, wage, benefit and work rule analyses and comparisons.
  • Analysis and negotiations in the context of corporate transactions and bankruptcies, including in 1113(c) and 1113(e) proceedings under US Bankruptcy Law.


A labor union's ability to achieve an effective outcome in collective bargaining starts with results-oriented strategies, member engagement and support, and professional resources with expertise in labor negotiations.  JJC helps unions level the playing field with management by providing world-class professional advice in the following areas: