Jalmer Johnson Consulting, LLC

Jalmer Johnson

Managing Principal

Jalmer Johnson has spent his entire career working for and advancing the interests of labor unions, associations and their members.

As Managing Principal of Jalmer Johnson Consulting, LLC, Mr. Johnson advises unions and associations on economic and financial issues in contract negotiations, corporate restructurings and mergers, including analysis of corporate and labor strategies; serves as a professional negotiator on economic and financial issues on behalf of labor unions; advises on litigation, arbitration and contract enforcement, including expert testimony; and undertakes analysis, plan development and implementation related to organization finances, budgets, strategic planning, restructuring and risk management.

Mr. Johnson has been certified as an expert witness on airline economic and financial analysis, business strategies and mergers; and pilot collective bargaining, contract valuation and compensation.  He has testified as an expert in arbitrations, U.S. District Court,  U.S Bankruptcy Court and various state court proceedings.  Mr. Johnson has been directly involved in well over 200 rounds of collective bargaining on behalf of labor unions in his career.

Major projects have included:

  • Advisor, analyst and negotiator on economic, financial, bargaining, corporate and strategic issues for pilot unions in contract negotiations, including at UPS, Southwest, Air Canada and American.  Such projects have included analyses of airline financial results and condition, operations, competitive position and strategies, and, as applicable, analysis of confidential corporate business plans under non-disclosure agreements. 
  • Economic advisor and expert witness in litigation and in pilot seniority integration negotiations, mediation and arbitration, including for Virgin America pilots in the AS-VX merger, and for American pilots in the AA-US merger.
  • Analysis, plan development and implementation of projects in the areas of union finances, budgets, strategic planning, organizational restructuring and risk management, including at Air Canada Pilots Association, International Federation of Air Line Pilots Associations, and Kitty Hawk Insurance Company.

Prior to beginning his consulting practice in 2013, Mr. Johnson worked for the Air Line Pilots Association, International for 31 years, including the last 14 years as General Manager. As GM, he was the COO, CFO and chief of staff of the largest pilot union in the  world. 

One of his primary responsibilities was to direct ALPA’s  professional activities - negotiations, legal, economic analysis, retirement and insurance, and communications – in pilot contract negotiations, including in airline restructurings, bankruptcies, transactions and mergers.

He also managed ALPA’s professional activities the areas of organizing, strategic planning, air safety and security, communications, association administration (including finance, accounting, membership, real estate, human resources, information technology), law and litigation, and government relations.

Mr. Johnson developed and actively managed ALPA’s strategic planning process. He also negotiated union merger agreements between ALPA and nine independent pilot associations that in 2013 represented 30 percent of the Association’s membership.  In the face of membership losses and a decline in revenue of more than 30% following 9/11, he developed new business plans and strategies to re-engineer the Association, enabling ALPA to successfully focus on its core priorities, member services and financial viability.

Mr. Johnson has been the Executive Vice-President and Vice-President of Kitty Hawk Insurance Company, Ltd., ALPA's Bermuda-based captive insurance company, and was responsible for the development and management of a four-line insurance/ reinsurance program underwritten in the London and Bermuda insurance markets, including the unique duty of fair representation ("DFR") coverage for ALPA.

Prior to becoming General Manager, Mr. Johnson was the Manager (1985-1993) and then Director (1993-1999) of ALPA’s Economic and Financial Analysis (E&FA) department.  He was the lead financial advisor to ALPA pilot groups in negotiations, corporate restructurings, transactions and bankruptcies.  As the head of E&FA, Mr. Johnson was responsible for all economic and financial analysis within ALPA’s collective bargaining activities, including the evaluation of an airline's financial condition, business plans, strategies and, in the context of bankruptcy proceedings, corporate plans of reorganization; the development and valuation of contract proposals; and negotiations advice on economic and financial issues, including 1113 negotiations during bankruptcy proceedings.  

Mr. Johnson developed the business plan that led ALPA to establish the International Pilot Services Corporation (IPSC), and provided financial analysis and negotiations advice and assistance to pilot groups worldwide.

Mr. Johnson received a B.A. in Economics from Kenyon College in 1979 and an M.A. in Economics from the University of Virginia in 1982.